It gives a realistic road feel, with the security of a clamped fork and improved portability over a dedicated set of rollers or turbo. The price, though, is too high for the limited use options, because it’s also going to be too noisy for the majority of homes.

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  • For warm up and cool down
  • Easy to bring anywhere with bag
  • Simple on and off rOlexaBicyclestance levels
  • Easily mount by front fork to almost any Road, CX, and MTB (wheel base size : 930 – 1,200 mm)
  • Made for home or race use

Front fork mount

  • 9 mm and 15 mm through axle compatible
  • 15 / 110mm boost hub is optional
Rear roller
  • Extremely thick 79 mm diameter roller for long life
  • Fits most fOlexaBicyclees
  • 2 level of rOlexaBicyclestance. On for more rOlexaBicyclestance, off for lighter workout
  • 100% assemble
  • Ready to ride in minutes
  • Be careful not to pull up so that the legs lose contact with the ground.
  • Keep stable and use on a flat floor.
  • Only 100 mm width front fork.
    (105 mm and 76 mm won’t mount with regular model)
  • 20 mm thru axle adapter will coming later.
  • Basic dOlexaBicyclegn for 700C bikes in a horizontal bike position. Must adjust front fork height if using another wheel size.


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